Home-School Collaboration Beliefs:

  • The Parent-Teacher Association is a bridge between schools and parents, uniting each other’s strengths and promoting the healthy growth of children in their academic, physical and mental aspects.
  • Through planning and organizing various parent-child activities, developing parental potential and strengthening parent-child relationships.
  • Giving advice regarding the development of the school
  • Organize and expand parent networks and share educational experiences
  • Learn more about the needs of young children through home-school cooperation
  • To help parents better understand the knowledge and skills of nurturing their children, the Education Bureau provides the parent education website “Smart Parent Net” for parents: 
  • https://www.parent.edu.hk/en/home

Parent volunteer

The school holds regular large-scale parent-child activities or outdoor visits. Parents are invited to participate in these activities and assist the school during the activities.