Parents Information
  • From January 17 (Monday), Hong Kong Education Press will reopen the self-learning channel “Education Information Channel KGTV”, which is popular among parents and students, to continue to support students in self-learning or parent-child learning at home. Parents can log in to the “Educational Information Channel KGTV” through a simple registration process and use it for free.教育資訊台-KGTV-時間表.pdf

  • Audiobooks by Yutian Publishing House:
  • To enhance parents’ understanding of the behavioral development and learning characteristics of children in kindergarten, the Education Bureau has commissioned the Education University of Hong Kong to hold a series of territory-wide parent education seminars in the 2020/2021 school year. If parents are interested, they can browse the following YouTube URL to review the lecture video.
  • If parents are interested in the information of the seminar, please visit the following website for more relevant information.
  • The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong – Lectures for Parents of Young Children under the Epidemic (Doctor’s Lecture Series)
  • Series 1: How to take care of the needs of young children who are infected or who are close contacts
  • Series 2: How to deal with the emotional support needs of children and parents during the epidemic
  • Series 3: How to Responding to the physical and mental support needs of children with special needs and their parents during the epidemic

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