“One Person, One Flower” Planting & Pot Design Competition

In order to let children understand the concept of greening, and at the same time enhance the parent-child relationship during the planting process, as well as to enhance the creativity of young children, our school actively responded to the “One Person, One Flower Scheme” Planting & Pot Design Competition organized by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department. Details are as follows:

Flower Type: Perpetual Begonia

Planting Duration: 8th November, 2022 – 19th December, 2022

Flower Pot Hand In: 6th – 19th December, 2022

(If the flowers have bloomed before this period, parents can bring the flowers back to school and ask the teacher to take photos of the plants to participate in the competition)

Flowerpot Design: Parents are requested to indicate the child’s name and class on the flowerpot by themselves. The design materials are not limited.

Planting Items: Each child will receive 1 “Perpetual Begonia Seedling”, 1 set of flower pot, 1 bag of soil, and 1 leaflet

(If the plants are damaged or withered during the planting period, they will not be reissued)

Selection Date: 23th December, 2022

Selection method: The teacher will take photos of the children’s plants and works, and return the plants to the children to go home and continue planting.

The principal, senior and class teachers \ select the winning works based on the photo records.

Awards: Planting Award – 1st, 2nd and 3rd place

Flower Pot Design Award – 2 best works from each class

Participation Award – Those who submitted their works before 19th December but did not win the prize will receive an active participation award.

(Late submissions will not be considered.)

Awards Announcement: Awards will be presented during school activities. The list of winners and their photos will be posted outside on the main gate.