Principal’s Message

Hello, everyone!

Principal Doe

Thanks to the school board, school supervisor appointed, I am gratefully to join the WFB Avalokitesvara Nursery School.

WFB Avalokitesvara Nursery School is a non-profit-making organization organized by a Buddhist group with the aim of providing quality pre-school education services to the community. Under the leadership of the professional education team, in the face of increasing social progress and the age of advanced information, early childhood education must constantly seek innovation and change, and pursue excellence. With the mission of “child-oriented”, our teachers work hard to design meaningful activities with multiple intelligences to provide children with exploratory, experience-based and appropriate learning courses to cultivate their interest in learning And needs. Through the arrangement of activities and the way of learning through games, learning by doing and scaffolding , children can get a all rounded development in intelligence, physical stamina, social interaction, emotion, beauty, language and other aspects.

We value the individual differences of children and take into account the development of each child’s abilities and interests, so that they can learn in the care, encouragement, respect, fairness, joy and harmony school. In the best learning environment where they can obtain more wisdom and exert their highest potential.

In addition, schools and families work together to maintain a close partnership. For the future of children, grasp the golden stage, cultivate a sense of responsibility, be willing to try, face failure, and build a confident and positive self-image. From anecdotes, he knows how to respect others and grow up with kindness, love and gratitude to others. Being positive and optimistic and able to resist adversity, holding a positive and positive attitude in life, laying a good foundation for moral cultivation, and becoming a contributing person in society in the future.

On behalf of all the staff of the school, I would like to wish you all well: good health, good luck, happy life and peace

Although “Peace” looks like simply, it is the most beautiful blessing and the simplest happiness.